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                  Shanghai is the economy, finance and trade center of China which integrates with the world. In here, we participated in and witnessed the miracle development of Chinese mechanical power manufacturing industry, and we merged into the world??s industrial information. 

                  Shanghai Zuoli Motor Co., Ltd situated in this world-famous city is a professional enterprise integrated with scientific research, development, manufacture, remanufacturing of motor, and provides motor solutions of low-carbon and energy-saving system.

                  Main products of the company: YBX3 explosion-proof motor, flame-proof motor for YBVF blower, YBVF variable frequency motor, YS aluminum shells motor, three-phase asynchronous motor, YE2/YE3 energy-efficient motor, YEJ brake motor, YCT electromagnetic speed regulation motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor, single-phase motor, YVFEJ frequency control brake motor, YD double speed motor, YDEJ double speed  brake motor, YXKS,YXKK 6KV/10KV high-voltage motor, YP,YPKK 6kV(H355~630) medium high-voltage inverter, YLS,YLKS,YLKK 10kV (H450~630) of medium high-voltage motor, special motor for air compressor, industrial electric fan and the manufacture and marketing of other series products. 

                  The company brings together the world-famous technology research and development personnel, and introduces the world??s advanced equipment, as well as achieves perfect combination of machinery with automation, and the pursuit of efficiency and remarkable quality. The core team of company average 12 years of experience in motor production, which take the lead in water pump, blower, transmission and other industrial areas. From design to seamless joint of productive process, to automation of process control step, it can deliver products efficiently, customize special solutions. Meanwhile, we reserve some capacity to make sure different growing demands of clients at anywhere achieve delivery service on time.

                  By dint of rich economic power, solid technological base and the company philosophy of people foremost and continuous innovation, Shanghai Zuoli Motor Co., Ltd

                   is continuously growing stronger, and walking at the forefront of world??s mechanical equipment industry, with product being well received by clients at home and abroad, and sold to 29 provinces, cities and municipalities in China, and being exported to EU, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa, Russia and other countries and regions??

                  Zuoli aims at power, energy-saving, environmental protection and selling products in the world while supply of power for the world.

                  Shanghai Zuoli Motor Co., Ltd